Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I just run with my regular buggy?

Jogging strollers have many different safety features to keep your baby safe and comfortable - features that normal buggies just don’t have (see question 5!). Yes, this also applies to your stroller with inflatable tires. You wouldn’t risk putting your baby in a car without a car seat. It’s the same thing.  

2. I don’t want to buy two strollers. What stroller do you recommend for everyday use and running/rollerblading/hiking?

Great question! Many people think you need two separate strollers but that's not the case. If you want one stroller that meets your everyday needs for a normal stroller (good for running errands, folds easily, reclines for naps, etc.) and is also a state-of-the-art jogging buggy, we would definitely recommend the BOB Revolution PRO.

3. Can I use the BOB Revolution PRO as an everyday stroller from birth?

Yes, if you add an Infant Carrier/Carrycot or travel system. You can use the stroller by itself starting at 8 weeks.

4. When can I start running with my baby?

This is a hot topic among runners and experts. In general, most people recommend waiting until your baby is 6 months old. Some say it is safe to run earlier if you are using a travel system. BOB recommends waiting until the baby is 8 months old to begin using the stroller for running. This is a personal decision you can discuss with your pediatrician.

 5. What features are important to look for in a jogging stroller?

-A shock absorbing suspension system to absorb the impact and make for a smoother ride

-A three wheel model to ensure maximum stability

-Large wheels with inflatable tires. Back wheels should be at least 16 inches in diameter. The front wheel should be no smaller than 12 inches

-An optional or permanently fixed front wheel to ensure running and off-road stability. Swiveling wheels can pull the stroller to one side

-A hand brake to control speed when going downhill

-A wrist strap to prevent you from losing control of the stroller in case you fall

-A large canopy to keep your little one out of the sun 

6. What’s better, a fixed or swivel wheel?

That depends on what you want from your stroller. If you will be using the stroller exclusively for running or hiking you only need a fixed wheel like the BOB Ironman or Out n About Nipper Sport. However, if will also be making it your everyday stroller, you’ll probably want a stroller with the option to go from a swivel to a fixed wheel like the BOB Revolution PRO.

7. I am a serious runner and want a stroller that can keep up. Which ones do you recommend?

The BOB Ironman and Out n About Nipper Sport are light, sleek models that were made for speed. Both strollers have received great reviews.

8. I’ve seen people rollerblading with regular buggies. Is that okay?

The response from question 1 applies here but perhaps even more so given that rollerbladers may go even faster than runners. Key safety features are needed to avoid accidents. BOB’s Revolution PRO is the first stroller to be certified for rollerblading. 

9.  We’re expecting twins and still want to be able to exercise. What stroller do you recommend?

Congratulations! Again, it depends what you want from your stroller. If you’ll be using it exclusively for exercise, the BOB Ironman Duallie is a great choice. If you want one stroller that meets all of your needs, then the BOB Revolution PRO Duallie is your best bet.

10. What car seats are compatible?

Travel systems are available for both BOB and Out n About strollers. Check here to see which car seats are compatible with BOB strollers. BeSafe and Maxi Cosi infant car seats are compatible with the Out n About Nipper Sport.

11. I’m on a tight budget but want to make sure I’m not compromising on safety. Which stroller would you recommend?

Cheap “jogging” strollers often lack highly important safety features.  That is not the case with the Out n About Nipper Sport - one of the best rated jogging strollers on the market. In fact, it was just selected as the best running stroller by two UK magazines! We’re very pleased to offer it at an affordable price.

 12. When will I receive my order?

It depends on what you are ordering. Currently, we have Out n About Nipper Sport strollers and the store model of the BOB Revolution PRO Duallie ready to ship. You'll receive them in 1-2 business days. Any other orders will arrive in 3-5 business days (usually closer to 3).

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